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This site is aimed at allowing teachers to share ideas, thoughts and questions about teaching. Teachers add their ideas and interesting links they have found. We hope that each posting will stimulate debate and discussion and lead teachers to developing themselves and each other.

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Digesting Diane – What did Diane Larsen Freemna have to say on teacher development

Cornelia and The Shell: Memory, Language and those Unforgettable Romans – Greg

Part 2 : Silly Grammar – Greg again

Part 3 : MEMREE BOXES™ – Gregagainagain

Part 4 : Milk Danger Rabbit – Greg-ultimum

Don’t Tell the Police – Danny’s IATEFL talk on alternatives to grammar ‘rules’

How to get to IATEFL 2013 – Danny shares advice & suggestions

Observation Debate: Helpful Frameworks? – Justin provides two frameworks for discussion – Melissa reignites the issue!

Andy talks Translation – How can we use it in our classes?

Listening Free – Ferruccio gets psychological and ditches comprehension

Setting the tone – What do you do in terms of rules, behaviour, phones etc? (from a TD session)

Day One Lessons and Icebreakers – TD Session write-up

 NEW FEATURE! ELT Gurus – This week: David Crystal – Get the 411 on this bastion of the linguistics scene.

MINI whiteboards – Chris’ TD

Useful Web Sites UPDATED since TD session by Chris

Recent Archive

Workshops in teacher training -Melissa

SARS-ing Coursebooks – Julian

CELTA timetables – what’s in yours? – Cat and Mel

Coursebook Controversy – TD results!

Death by Demo? – Richard’s TD.

The Dogme/Coursebook Debate – Where do you stand?

Patterning – Iffy patterns it up!

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