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Thursday, January 19, 2012

And finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for!

Wait for it….

Wait for it….

First the results of the online poll that asked teachers how much they use the coursebook in class.

So it’s pretty clear that most people use the coursebook at least some of the time, with the majority of people being in the 40-60% of the time bracket.

And now…

The results of the recent TDs on coursebooks. We asked participants to discuss and write down all the good and bad things they thought about the coursebooks we currently use.

One thing we asked everyone to do was draw a smiley, happy, or straight face for the coursebooks they were familiar with to get an overall idea. Not everybody drew faces for everything.

Here are the basic findings: (the blue represents the 12.30pm session and the green the 4.30pm session. Please note the later session only had 4 participants, thus the lower scores.)

Further details of pros and cons can be found in the Microsoft word files below. Before you read each, think of what you would say if you were asked about the pros and cons of each book.

So what do the results mean?

Overall, there was not a consensus apart from with Outcomes Int and Straightforward Advanced, which had the most dissatisfied users.

Of course, as has been pointed out, it’s all a bit horses for courses and getting a consensus is a pipe dream. However, if you read the details for each book there are some pretty worrying cons for both of the particularly disliked books.

So from these results and your own experience, do you think we need to change any of the coursebooks we use? Or have we simply found that we’ll never make everyone happy?

Detailed pros and cons (click on the book to open the file)

Cutting Edge

Face 2 Face

New English File 

Total English PreInt

Outcomes Int

English Unlimited Upper Int

Straightforward Advanced 

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