Using TextStat

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Using TextStat

with mostly Andy Cox and one of his little helpers Melissa

In a thrilling follow-up session full of ‘oohs and aahs’, we relocated to the SAC to reveal the secret cheat that helped us create some of the materials/activities shown last week.  Andy showed how a simple tool ‘TextStat’ can make searching texts a doddle.  This cheeky little number helps you compile your own class corpus so that you and your students can revisit texts and explore them for grammar patterns  ‘a la Willis.’  If you missed this session or want to recap the ‘how tooooos?’  put on your headphones and click on the links below.

Andy introducing Textstat – part one

Andy introducing Textstat – part two

(You may have to wait about 5 mins staring at a white screen while it loads. Also it has to buffer as you listen so if it seems stuck, just use the pause or rewind a bit while it catches up.)

So to conclude… TextStat is located on the shared drive so put it on your memory stick and have a go.  This session was just an intro and we would love you to comment here on how you are using TextStat. Plus if you have any mats you have created with this handy tool then send them to us and we’ll upload them here.

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