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Tuesday, June 7, 2011
This week we are having a look at stuff you do which gets your students in the mood for learning :).  I reckon that they are very important for keeping your students motivated and if done right can provide valuable practice to a grammar and vocab points. So get ready to give and get fellow teachers!!! 
– You should all be in your teams now.
Update… 17 ideas from Fan, Mariana and Rachel.  They typed them too

1) Write new vocab on cards, collect together in envelope / bag and at any point during the lesson or at the end of the week, students can pick out cards at random and play backs to the board.
2) Rosie’s football activity – Have questions to practise previously taught vocab/grammar. Draw a pitch on the board, every time a team gets a correct answer they move closer to the goal.  They compete to see who can get the most goals
3) Backs to the board, choosing own vocab first after going through their own notebooks – decide in groups which ones to choose and only write the ones they know how to define. Bonus points for using them in a sentence.
4) Start a class with a gap fill using expressions from the previous day
5) Spelling competition, two teams, line up in front of the board, one student writes one letter each
6) Vocab competition on grid of 25 squares (good for last day of a course – use all the vocab taught during the month) – two teams, pick a number, each number has a word behind it for each team to define – students must get 3 in a row to get a point. If team defines the word, they get the square. If not, square is still open for other team when it’s their go – they try to remember / write down the word behind each number to be strategic!
7) Noughts and crosses – vocab or grammar
8) Grass skirts – corrections, gap fills, different expressions to reformulate
9) Word searches / crosswords – either find the word or write the definition
10) Running dictations of a reading text
11) ‘A cup of conversation’ – a cup full of strips containing questions – each student takes a strip, memorises question and asks everyone else question in the class
12) Find someone who
13) Warmer / refresher / wake students up in the middle of the lesson: go and find out what everyone had for dinner last night / go and find out what time everyone got up this morning – line up, earliest on the right, latest on the left – same with how late they went to bed and birthdays 
14) Lower levels esp – throw a ball around in a circle, get students to ask questions to each other each time they throw a ball
15) Debrief each other on something students have read – a daily routine
16) Listen to headlines from last night’s 10 o’clock news – ask how many headlines, what they are, then do a gap fill maybe
17) Read something every night and write down 5 (or however many) new words preferably in a sentence and say where it was from – then exchange vocab with each other – can be done daily, every few days or weekly, etc
Chris, David, Johnathan and Kat.

  1. What did you have for dinner last night? Mingling
  2. Where did you go at 8 last night? Mingling
  3. Think of a question. Mingling
  4. What was the last movie you saw? Mingling
  5. Words ending in ‘er’.
  6. Words with 5 letters.
  7. Find someone who
  8. Personalised questions – Who is Marco’s favourite.
  9. Yes/No game.

10.  True or false. – Everyone went to bed before midnight last night.

11.  How many people…..

12.  Tell which is a truth or lie

13.  Boggle

14.  Anagram revision

15.  In a line race

16.  Name (4) (5) (6) (7)… animals, colours, countries.

17.  What’s your favourite  (animal) – Mingling

18.  Words beginning and ending with the same letter eg. Bulb.

19.  Ask questions about the weekend / last night / last holiday and say nothing to 1st question + then answer first question when they ask 2nd. Difficult!

20.  Ask students to talk about topic of the lesson + students have to guess the topic. When they guess they join in conversation.

21.  Backs to the board.

22.  Buzzer game vocab revision.

23.  What’s the highlight of the weekend? Who had the best weekend- Mingle.

24.  Walk around the room like

25.  Come to the board and put words under different stress patterns

26.  Words beginning with dr, ba.

27.  Students sets of phrases/expressions + students grab one + mime it to their group. Keep it when they guess and do the next one.

28.  Tongue twisters – who can say them the fastest?

29.  Draw you weekend – students mingle + guess what they did.





Jo, Caroline and Will


Spelling race – with words from topic

Images – what can you see

Big bits of paper – write down everything you know about a topic

Hangman to get topic word then 3 things you know about it

2 true 1 false about topic

Have a chat – feed in the topic

Short video/song to set up the topic


Lots of mini whilteboard activities (see TD session on website)

Vocab Bag

Choose 5 bits of lexis from the today that you’ll use again and tell you partner

Lexical notebooks

Set up tomorrow – linking lessons themes etc

Sentence builder – sts say 1 word each and build sentence

Activate metacognitive knowledge

Mini quizzes

Spelling tests

Topic questions

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