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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Chris’ recent TD session alerted teachers to the wonderful world of In pairs we looked at various websites this site highlighted and then discussed the benefits of them.


At the same time Chia was working hard on Twitter to get global ideas of useful sites for TEFL teachers.


We’ve taken the sites recommended on twitter and added them to those we already had. Simply click on the topic to find the sites for it! – Useful for gathering together websites for students. – One way to connect with your students, a bit like a class blog. Might be good for exam classes? – Making flashcards online.– sharing docs – A wall for digital post-it notes. Can be used with classes for a variety of things and a good way to share documents and photos with a group. – easily make mindmaps in class, or out. (Thanks Martin) – Got a lot of Spanish/French/Italian/Portugese speakers? Plop some text in this website and it’ll show you the words that they might understand becasue they are cognates (or which might be false friends).

Back to top– podcasts – Hundreds of presentations, most with a really helpful script. – Listening homework for students, or in the SAC. – Listen to videos and then record yourself speaking over them – could possibly be used in the Language Lab. – Interviews with famous people, Time asks them 10 questions. A simple structure and good quality videos. – A higher quality than Youtube, nice little how-tos and informative vids.


Back to top – very useful for Cambridge exam students (FCE, CAE, CPE)  – some useful practice activities for students to try. I think they have other exams too.

Back to top– spelling game, 3 difficulties– Activities for various grammar points. Activities can be done in class on IWB or given as homework. – A visual dictionary. Gives definitions, synonyms, and lots of pictures taken from Flikr, Gooogle and Yahoo. It retains anything you’ve put in before so is a great way at the end of class of going over any vocab you’ve had to find on the web. Also, possibly slightly safer than Google Images sometimes is.

Back to top – Online Etymology Dictionary – The daddy of websites for finding and using useful EFL websites. A good majority of the ones I have put on here came from Russell. Love it. Make your own crosswords etc. Thanks Iffy, yes I am trying to pawn your ideas as my own. Hehe… – lots of warmers and coolers to use in class. – search engine that will categorise the texts it has found based on how difficult they are to read. – has some useful tables which give spelling/pronunciation problems.

Back to top– various useful resources/bits of information. – Free English Lessons online. Specific tasks could be given as homework? – Free lessons, you need to register.

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Thanks to all those who contributed!

If you use one of these sites and love it, or have another site to add, please leave a comment so others can know about it!

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