Juggling Multi-Level Classes

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thank you to everyone who attended my TD Session: Juggling Multi-Level Classes.  The session was inspired by my time teaching ‘Let’s Talk Low’ back in January 2011.  How do you manage the class when there are virtual beginners and strong Low Intermediate students in the same group?  This was my challenge.  I set about researching ways of dealing with the plate-spinning act that was my class.
I decided that the focus of my session should be Differentiating. Having found out more about it, I had realised that, unknowingly, I had in fact been employing some techniques in the ‘Let’s Talk Low’ class.
In the session we discussed challenges that we have faced in a wide range of classes and looked at how we could work with Differentiating techniques.
Back in the staffroom the ideas kept coming.  If you’ve got any thoughts, please do share them on the website.



Read Chris’ presentation he used in his session here.

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