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First guru up – David Crystal

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There are hundreds of ELT blogs out there in the ether. Here’s a selection of just a few. Please add a comment with others you like, and we’ll add them to the list!


Chia’s Bloghttp://chiasuanchong.wordpress.com/Winner of the March 2012 Featured Blog of the Month award from the British Council

“I am interested in teaching approaches and methodologies, especially in Dogme and coursebook-less classrooms, ELF and Sociolinguistics, and am fascinated with the interplay between culture, communication, language and thought.”

Delta Development Bloghttp://www.deltapublishing.co.uk/development-blog“A blog for ELT teachers around the globe, led by leading experts in the field. Join them in discussing issues of interest to you including:

  • new trends and theories in language teaching
  • materials development
  • practical teaching tips and activities
  • ideas and suggestions for professional development “
Teacher Training Videos – http://www.teachertrainingvideos.com/

Winner of the Tefl.net TEFL Site of the Year 2009.

Russell Stannards ace site. Calls itself videos, and indeed it is, but really it’s a round up of practically all technological resources avaiable for ELT teachers.

IH Barcelona’s Tech ELT Bloghttp://blogs.ihes.com/tech-elt/

Lots of interesting ideas for lessons and activities. They also blog about useful/interesting videos and they have a wide range of categories to peruse on a rainy afternoon. Good if you are ideas hunting.

An A-Z of ELThttp://scottthornbury.wordpress.com/

Scott Thornbury’s site. Takes a topic and discusses it. E.g. G is for Grammar. P is for Personalisation. A continuation of his published book of the same name.

Dale Coulters bloghttp://languagemoments.wordpress.com/Winner of the October 2011 Featured Blog of the Month award from the British Council

An ex-IHLer who’s currently teaching in Italy. He’s writing a lot about Delta at the moment.



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